Dijual: Piano M. Schulz & CO Tahun 1924


1 unit piano antik merek M Schulz & Co buatan tahun 1924 dengan nomor seri 186273.

Di buat oleh pabrik piano tua M Schulz & Company di Chicago USA yang berdiri sejak tahun 1869.

Piano antik ini walaupun sudah berumur lebih dari 85 tahun tapi memiliki kondisi yang sangat prima, suaranya juga masih sangat baik. Piano ini memiliki bentuk yang tinggi besar, tampak terlihat gagah dan kokoh, dibutuhkan lebih dari 8 orang untuk dapat memindahkan piano antik ini. Sehari-hari piano ini masih sering di mainkan oleh anak saya yang memang memiliki kegemaran bermain piano klasik.

Beberapa informasi tentang piano ini:


This page of the website is dedicated to the history of the American Piano Industry during "The Golden Age of the American Piano" (the late 19th and early 20th centuries). Many of the pianos made in the United States during this era were hand made, according to today's standards. These beautiful instruments are our heritage, and deserve to be respected and preserved for future generations.

In 1869, M. Schulz & Co. was one of the earliest American piano and organ companies to be established "Out West" in Chicago. (By the year 1910, more pianos would be produced in Chicago, Illinois than anywhere else in the world.)

German born Mathias Schulz was apprenticed to a cabinet maker at the age of 14. Upon his arrival in the United States, he settled in Chicago and established "M. Schulz & Co.". Mathias Schulz also opened a second factory located in Atlanta, Georgia which was managed by his son Otto, who would take control of both factories when his father passed away in 1899. It was under the aggressive leadership of Otto Schulz that the company took its place as one of the larger piano companies in the Midwest. However, this company (like so many others) was not able to survive the severe economic depression of the 1930s. The last of the M. Schulz pianos were produced in 1933.


The M. Schultz piano of the best known, most highly organized, reputable and extensive piano manufacturing concerns in the country. Technically, the instruments made by this concern and note for scientific correctness of scale, highest grade of workmanship, and extreme care in choice of only the finest in material, backed up by long experience. The tone quality of M. Schulz pianos is the strong point of them, possessing a roundness, purity and mellow singing beauty all its own. This company is also distinguished for turning out case work of true artistic excellence, with a purity of design and fineness of finish which are in every way distinguished. Added refinements in case designs of special period art models are features of M. Schulz Co. production.

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